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Renting small spaces can require big work.

Condo landlords can spend almost twice as much time managing their units. Renting Well cuts that in half (and then some.)

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Renting your condo isn’t as simple as placing an ad.

Renting Well provides comprehensive insight into your condo rental’s finances, convenient management of your tenant, and complete tracking of issues or resolutions.

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With much fewer maintenance costs than a typical home, purchasing a condo can be a great lower-risk investment. Renting it out is a smart way to build equity.

But nobody said being a condo landlord was easy. Condo and strata by-laws on top of separate state and provincial laws for condo landlords can make renting your condo overwhelming and confusing. Did you give your tenant a copy of the condo by-laws and have them sign an acknowledgement of receipt? Are you familiar with the condo board and is your tenant aware of the rules for the building? Keeping on top of it all can make your head spin, but Renting Well can help.

Ditch the shoebox.

Smart landlords using Renting Well to keep their condo rental ship-shape. Use feature X to do thing X, use feature Y to do thing Y, and use feature Z to do thing Z – a thing that all landlords love to do for their tenants.

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