Multi-family Landlords

Duplexes. Triplexes. Fourplexes. Oh my.

Multi-family landlords are the first and last line of defense for their tenants. Renting Well ensures you’re on top of your game.

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The plight of the multi-family landlord is a real tough one.

Renting Well will help you to get paid on time, track issues and resolutions, and be remarkably aware of how your rental properties are doing.

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Let’s get down to brass tacks – being a multi-family landlord affords you many opportunities but is tough work. Multiple doors require keen attention and an organized approach when it comes to managing vacancies, dealing with repairs, issuing rental receipts, and the myriad of issues that inevitably occur. Landlords are the fixed point for tenants. They need to be. You own the building, after all.

Dealing with multiple units and tenants is a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right tools. Renting Well is your Swiss Army knife – intuitive, useful software specifically designed to eliminate all the headaches that managing a property type with “plex” in the name can create. Seriously.

Many doors, one solution.

Smart landlords use Renting Well to make their lives easier and ensure a return on their two biggest investments: time and money. Issue rent receipts in a snap. Use our reports to monitor your finances like a hawk. Managing your ‘plex just became – dare we say – a joy.

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