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Welcome to Renting Well: Gastown

Hey folks. Welcome to “Gastown”, our newest version of Renting Well. This has been about 4 months of work under the hood, which we decided to name after Vancouver’s historic Gastown district. ¬†Our old naming scheme of “v1.3” just didn’t sound sexy enough. Since we’re based in both Ottawa and Vancouver — we thought this name was fitting for a fresh start.

Gastown Mobile shotWe wanted to give everyone a rundown of some of the new features so here they are:

  • iOS and Android friendliness: Fully responsive interface that scales from large desktop/laptop screens all the way down to smartphones and has been optimized to feel almost like a native app on phones and tablets.
  • We’ve removed a few features from the app that don’t translate to small screens but otherwise it’s the same experience as the desktop. Items like the listings are better accessed on a desktop.
  • By bookmarking the site to your home screen (iOS — iPhones, iPads, iPod touches) you can launch it just like a regular app (watch a handy how-to guide)
  • An updated, streamlined interface throughout
  • We’ve simplified our billing plans to offer two tiers and the much-requested option to be billed annually is now available. As an incentive we’ve made the per-month cost on all of our billing plans slightly less if you opt for annual billing.
  • Ability to filter notes and to-dos by their tags (i.e. quickly see all the to-dos or notes for a given unit, property or tenant) or by which month they were created in (i.e. see all the to-dos or notes for March 2013, for example)
  • Increased performance on modern web browsers (both desktop and mobile)
  • Tonnes of minor improvements throughout the app

Take ‘er for a spin. Kick the tires. Let us know what you think.

Author: Chris Saracino

Chris is a co-founder of Renting Well and heads up our marketing and communication efforts. He's also the landlord of two buildings and 8 units in Ottawa, Ontario.

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