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Judge Orders Eviction For Freeman On The Land Embassy

Good news this morning. CTV reported that Andreas Pirelli has been ordered to leave Rebekah Caverhill’s duplex by a judge of the court of Queen’s bench – by this weekend. As in 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning. A representative of Pirelli’s was present in court this morning for the ruling, and then became belligerent towards the judge by refusing to give his name or approach the bench when asked. Since freemen on the land don’t feel obligated to pay taxes or abide by any rules they don’t agree with, is this all that surprising?

I have to leave by midnight on Saturday morning?
I have to leave by midnight on Saturday morning?

With all of this said, I don’t think this is going to be the end of this just yet. Caverhill hasn’t seen the condition of the property and hasn’t entered the unit in a while. There’s also no guarantee that Pirelli is going to leave willingly or peacefully. I really really really hope he does. Then he can go back to his full time job of getting mistaken for Andrea Bocelli.

“I guess they are going to send a bailiff out with police to make sure there’s no problem,” she said.

So…what’s the lesson here? Never have a verbal agreement on a “spruce up” in exchange for 3 months rent. Always have everything in writing. Also – do background checks on prospective tenants. Pirelli is going to have a helluva time renting another place now. Good. Time to say good bye, Andreas.

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Author: Chris Saracino

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